Stéphanie Beauchamp

Stéphanie Beauchamp holds a DEC in arts, letters and communications as well as a BA in literature and communications from Université Laval and UQAM.

Having traveled and worked in Europe for 3 years, she is currently working for the company providing outsourced customer and management services for the A25 bridge. As a mother of two, her main motivation for getting involved in politics is that she wants her children to live in a strong Quebec, one that is open to dialogue, debate, exchange and promotes responsible citizenship.

“I believe in the values of family, of preserving our heritage and our history. I believe that we must maintain these values while evolving and adapting to the realities of our time. Freedom of choice is important to me. Of course, it must be responsible. Citizens need to be taught to be accountable, to think and to  commit themselves.“

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