Stéphanie Du Mesnil

Stéphanie Du Mesnil is a resident of Rimouski and works as a patient attendant at the local CHSLD. Touched by human difficulties of all forms, the difficulty to find housing at a decent price and the lack of housing in the region are of concern. 

Improving the living conditions of the elderly and the working conditions of attendants as well as the reform of the entire health care system are issues that she also intends to defend:

 “The contribution of caregiver work to our seniors must be recognized. We must give young people a taste for this profession and we must provide better training. It is so rewarding to take care of our seniors, who have been particularly roughed up since 2020. Only the Conservative Party is proposing to overhaul the way the health care system works so that it is not only more efficient for all users, but also to provide employees with a better quality of life."

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