Tarek Henoud

Born to Lebanese parents in Montreal in 1976, Tarek Henoud then spent his childhood in Beirut in a period marked by fourteen years of civil war. Aspiring to a better quality of life and seeking security, his family returned to Quebec in 1991 to settle down permanently.

He graduated from UQAM in 2000 with a degree in business administration and then pursued a career in the financial sector for more than 15 years throughout Quebec, as a manager of numerous business development teams. In 2013, Mr. Henoud and his family settled in Victoriaville. With his wife Marilène, who is from the area, he has since become involved with several organizations in the region.

“The last two years have been marked by division, skyrocketing inflation, impoverishment of the less fortunate and a severe labour shortage. All of this has been detrimental to the economic growth of our area and to the well-being of its people. This is why I have decided to defend the interests of the citizens of my region as a candidate for the Conservative Party of Quebec. I am sincerely motivated by a desire to give back to the community of Arthabaska, a community that has always been there for us.”

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