Tommy Pageau

An entrepreneur for the past 12 years, Tommy Pageau is a graduate of the Cégep de Jonquière in Social Sciences. He also attended Bishop’s University, UQAC and Mount Allison University.


In the 2014 provincial election, Mr. Pageau ran in Jonquière as a candidate for the QLP, finishing second behind Sylvain Gaudreault of the Parti Québécois. The development of natural resources is a signature issue for him.

“Allowing wealth creation in our regions is inextricably connected to having a strong and solid economy in Quebec. We need to give our support to major projects like LNG. We have to stop demonizing companies that want to establish themselves in Quebec to develop our natural resources responsibly. We have to shake off our dependence on foreign oil and gas imports. We have to create quality jobs in our communities. Only the CPQ is advocating for harnessing the riches of our land.”

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