Tzarevna Bratkova

Born in Pestera, Bulgaria, Tzarevna Bratkova has been a resident of Brossard for the past 14 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from Sofia University, a Certificate in criminology from the University of Montreal and a Certificate in immigration and interethnic relations from UQAM.

Though a criminal lawyer in her country of origin, here in Quebec she has been working as a correctional officer since 2007. Ms. Bratkova was born into a family that very involved in the defence of rights and freedoms. At the age of 19, she was involved in the organization of the first democratic elections in Bulgaria after 45 years of communist rule. The anti-democratic excesses of the Legault government over the past two years are what convinced her to enter politics.

“To me, the most important issue is the unconditional restoration of the democratic values that have been undermined under the pretext of this health emergency. Our young people are the biggest losers in this situation. We must remember that they are the ones who have suffered the most serious consequences during this pandemic, such as dropping out of school, low-quality education, the loss of motivation and lots of mental health problems. The only remedy I can see to this sad situation is the election of the CPQ on October 3rd.”

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