Valerie Messore

Valerie Messore is a self-employed lawyer specializing in tax litigation. She is a graduate of John Abbott College in Commerce, the Université de Montréal in Law, the École du Barreau, and also holds a graduate diploma in taxation from HEC Montréal.

A descendant of Egyptian and Italian immigrants, Ms. Messore say she no longer recognizes the friendly, free, and prosperous Quebec that her grandparents crossed the world to join.

"When someone asks me why I support the CPQ, I say it's the only party that wants to improve my life, that has my interests at heart. It is the only party that wants our lives to be more prosperous. I grew up in a middle-class family and my parents wanted me to do even better than they did. Our party wants all Quebec children to be equally advantaged. Our party wants to promote opportunities for Quebecers. Our party wants to promote our prosperity and facilitate economic activity.”

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