Yassir Madih

Originally from Casablanca in Morocco, the 45-year-old candidate has been a lawyer in Quebec since he graduated from l’École du Barreau de Montréal in 2008.

Before that, he had completed a Bachelor’s degree in private law from Hassan II University in Casablanca, a Graduate diploma in business law and taxation from the University of Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and a Bachelor’s in law from the University of Montreal. Also a father of three, Me Madih is worried about the current state of Quebec’s youth.

"Every day in the media, we hear the rhetoric of, ‘Could you do any better?’ To that we answer, ‘Challenge accepted! Here we stand, and yes, we will do better!’ We will do better for our elderly, we will do better for families, but above all, we will do better for our young people. Our youth are our future, the jewels of our society, and they were deprived of their lives for two years, stigmatized by being told that they were a danger to the elderly. The elderly have suffered just as much, with very serious and immediate consequences that the government refuses to investigate. Only the CPQ is calling for a public and independent inquiry into this matter.”

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