Yves Beaulieu

A resident of Pointe-aux-Trembles for over 16 years, Mr. Beaulieu has worked as a foreman and rebar fitter at Acier d'Armature Vimada for 21 years. He has also acted as a professor of advanced training for apprentices at the Centre de formation des métiers.

At the top of his list of concerns is the poor state of the health care system and its continuing deterioration:

“The health care system will be our main focus because for too long, and under many successive governments, it has finished by just not working. And we are all paying for it. The Conservative Party’s proposal to allow the private sector to contribute to the public system in order to provide quality service to the population, to relieve overcrowding in emergency rooms, to provide care within a reasonable timeframe and to allow all staff finally to have a decent quality of life, all of this is close to my heart and this is one of the reasons, among others, that I am joining the CPQ today.”

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