Zoée St-Amand

Zoée St-Amand is a native of Bathurst, New Brunswick. In 2016, she chose to move to Sherbrooke to go back to school for a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling.

She is currently completing her Master’s degree at the University of Sherbrooke while working as an Employment Assistance Officer at Services Québec since January 2022.

“I became interested in the Conservative Party of Quebec during the pandemic; it was my beacon. At a time when I felt a total loss of confidence in the government in power, I heard Mr. Duhaime and my hope returned. I subscribe to the values of the CPQ, which promote individual freedoms and trust in citizens, far from the omnipresent and coercive state that we have lived under over the past two years. The state should be serving Quebecers and not the other way around.”

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