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Quebec City, August 22, 2022 — The leader of the Quebec Conservative Party, Mr. Éric Duhaime, and Mr. Arnaud Gascon-Nadon, former Rouge et Or star player and Grey Cup champion with the Ottawa Redblacks in 2016, announced today during a press conference held at the Telus Stade of the PEPS of Laval University its National Preventive Health and Sports Program.


Concerned by the negative effects of physical inactivity among Quebecers over the past two years, and particularly among young people, the Conservative Party of Quebec has developed a program focusing on the health of the population through prevention and the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits, which it will propose to the population during the election campaign. Convinced of the importance and the short, medium and long-term benefits of physical activity, the political party unveiled a simple, concrete and logical program today. For the Conservatives, physical activity is a powerful tool for our society to reduce the costs of the health care system, both physical and mental. For every dollar invested in prevention and physical activity for youth, more than $3.20 will be saved by the health care system.

The health of Quebecers: a situation that has deteriorated over the past 30 years


For 30 years now, the health status of Quebecers has deteriorated considerably, and the problem has increased since the pandemic: young people move less and have more sedentary lifestyles. Studies even show that the government's measures, notably the closure of training rooms and lockdowns, could have had long-term effects on the physical health of young people, but also on their psychological health, as sport contributes significantly to good mental health.


The statistics and forecasts on physical inactivity are alarming. It is the cause of a marked increase in the chances of suffering from many health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colon and breast cancer, significant weight gain, obesity, depression and anxiety, and poor school performance. In addition, of the ten most common causes of death, six are directly related to physical inactivity. In terms of predictions, the latest studies on obesity suggest that up to 60% of today's youth will be obese by 2040. A real burden on society, which the Conservatives have decided to tackle by proposing the National Preventive Health and Sports Program.







Two-time Vanier Cup champion in 2010 and 2012 with the Université Laval Rouge et Or and now a young retiree from the Canadian Football League (CFL) since 2019, Arnaud Gascon-Nadon, was present alongside Éric Duhaime to present the program, to which he contributed:


"I am particularly proud to present the Conservative Party of Quebec's Preventive Health and Sports Program. The health of Quebecers, and particularly that of our youth, is a fundamental issue in our society and we cannot forever pretend that it does not exist. The commitment that the party is making to Quebecers and young people today is not only important, but also necessary. Sport has made a significant contribution to my development and my professional and personal success. The PCQ wants to make health prevention and the practice of physical activity by young people a fundamental issue in its campaign and as an athlete and sports enthusiast, I welcome and support this important initiative.



One program, six (6) commitments



A Conservative government would implement these 6 commitments:


  1. Make physical education compulsory in all Quebec schools, every day of the week, for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, from kindergarten to the end of high It is suggested that activities be held in the morning.


  1. Keep school facilities open outside school hours and accessible to young people as a


  1. Enable all doctors to give a medical prescription for physical activity to patients and include referral to fitness professionals for a follow-up with a professional (fitness centre, gym or trainer).


  1. Massively invest in sports


  1. The QST will not be applied to expenses related to physical activity such as the purchase of sports equipment, gym memberships and sports training.


  1. Create national sports teams that will inspire young people to play sports and fund promising young athletes with scholarships and sponsorships. Annual funding could also be provided to organizations such as Hockey Quebec to assist lower income athletes with equipment loans, donations or bursaries.


"I am particularly proud of the program we are presenting today! There is nothing more important than the health of an entire population, and particularly that of our youth; they are the Quebec of tomorrow. The Conservative Party of Quebec intends, throughout the campaign, to make preventive health, the development of sports and physical activity for youth, one of the central themes of its campaign. We will hammer home our detailed proposals and we will challenge the Legault government on the impact of its abusive public health measures on Quebec youth, as studies have shown.





It is simply unacceptable what he has done to them over the past two years, at a crucial time in their lives, when they are forging the adults. The Conservative Party of Quebec wants to assure you that we will not let you down and that we deeply believe in a preventive rather than reactive approach to health care," said the Conservative leader.


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